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Using SewTites for Garment Sewing (and a Review!)

We were delighted when Jen Stern, a pattern designer and garment sewer, shared her thoughts about SewTites.

In her video, she shares how useful the Magnetic pin holder is (have your pins on you all the time!). Jen also covers: 

  • the different SewTites magnet strengths, including the Original, Magnum, HD, and Lites, (1:47)
  • adding a pocket on a pair of pants (6:39),
  • using SewTites to sew leather (or any fabric you don't want to make a hole in) (11:41),
  • SewTites as a weight to stretch the hems when sewing pants (11:01), and
  • holding your fabric in the hoop for machine embroidery (12:46).

Thanks Jen, for all the useful tips! 

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  • My Pleasure! SewTites are so amazing. I’m finding new ways to use them… Today I used them to hold loose front pocket pieces out of the way while topstitching the fly detail.


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