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Custom SewTites With Your Brand or Design

various sewtites products with "your brand here" on them, promoting custom sewtites with your brand or design

Love SewTites, but want them in a different color, or with your own logo or design on them? 

Now you can do just that in our easy 3-step process.

Step 1 – Choose & Estimate

Timeframe: 2 - 4 Weeks

Choose which model to customize – you may customize the color and imprint of our Original, Mini, Dot, HD, or Magnum.

You’ll provide imprint artwork & the Pantone color desired for the plastic and unit quantity (minimum is 500 5-packs).

We’ll work with our team to get engineering drawings made up, and a final pricing estimate – with options to ship air or sea, depending upon how quickly you want them.

Want fully a fully custom shape, strength, or pack size, like Laura Heine's Flowers, shown below?

Contact us for more information and to quote.

Laura Heine Custom SewTites

Step 2 – Prototype

Timeframe: 4 - 6 Weeks

Upon your approval, and receipt of 50% down, we’ll prototype the customized model(s) for you to see and feel in person before going to production.

We’ll also design the packaging at this point – co-branded with your brand and ours.

Step 3 – Produce & Sell

Timeframe: - 2 Months (Air Shipping) - 4 to 5 Months (Sea Shipping)

Once you’ve approved the prototype(s), we’ll get your custom SewTites produced, so you can get to selling them! 

Pricing starts at $6,000 for 500 5-packs ($12 per pack) – which is equal to your potential profit once all are sold. 

Contact us for a price list, and to get started.