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How to Use SewTites to Make Longarm Side Clamp Extenders

If you've ever hit your side clamps with your ruler base, thanks to Barb Tatera, a Handi Quilter educator, we have a solution for you!

(Check out Barb on Facebook here and Instagram here.)

Follow these easy instructions to make longarm extenders using SewTites.

Best of all, SewTites make using pins for the extenders a thing of the past!

(Goodbye, pin pricks!)

**If you're worried about magnet strength because you like to clamp more than just the backing, you could swap out HDs or Magnums for the Original SewTites and execute in a similar, albeit slightly altered way (since these SewTites models are wider than the Originals, you'll need to make your strips wider as well).**

Step 1

Depending on your frame you may need 4 or 6 side clamps. Each side clamp needs one Original SewTites magnet and a 2 ½ width of fabric strip.

Step 2

Fold the short end (2 ½ inch) of the strip and sew to finish the raw edge.

how to use sewtites to make longarm side clamps barb tatera

Step 3

Place the finished ends in the center, right sides together. Sew along each side of the strip. Use the opening between the finished short ends to turn the strip right sides out. 

how to make side arm extenders using sewtites step 2

Step 4


Step 5

Slip an Original SewTites magnet (the colored plastic part) into one end of the turned strip and the metal backing/plate into the other end of the strip.

how to make side arm extenders using sewtites step 5

Step 6

Using your home sewing machine and zipper foot, sew a casing that will hold the SewTites magnet and backing in place.

how to make side arm extenders using sewtites step 6

Step 7

Repeat these steps to make an extender for each of the side clamps, then attach to the magnetic ends to your quilt backing, as shown below.

how to make side arm extenders using sewtites step 7

P.S. If you've not tried SewTites Magnums for loading your quilts onto your longarm, you're missing out! It's a super fast and pin-free way to load your quilts.


  • These are great! I made these in some bright fabrics so I don’t lose them. I suggest when stitching the casing in step 6 that you have the magnet side, or the side with the dots, facing up or it will clamp tight to your throat plate making it almost impossible to stitch across .

  • RE: Judy Smith mailing inquiry to Australia

    Thanks for inquiring Judy! Currently we are unable to ship via USPS to Australia, but we can sure ship with FedEx or UPS, although that can get pretty pricey. We also have a distributor in Australia that would be a good contact for quilt stores that carry our product: Melbourne Fabrics – If you have further shipping questions, please reach out to

  • Do you mail to Australia

    Judy Smith
  • Why didn’t I think of this, head slap!

  • love this idea, my clamps are always getting caught on the wires of my long arm. I’ve used safety pins with strips of fabric before. I was hoping to get some ‘sticky mess’ original and dots but see there aren’t any left of the originals

    Debbie Rogowski

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