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Live Q+A: Longarming with SewTites Magnums, With Sarah of SARIDITTY

Have questions about loading or unloading your longarm machine? Wondering how you can use SewTites instead of pins or snappers to save time?

In this Live video with Sarah of SARIDITTY, you will learn: 

  • How Sarah loads her machines using Magnum SewTites
  • How many Magnums do you need for your machine? 
  • To avoid hitting the balancing bar or getting the Magnums stuck to the bars. 

You can find Sarah's work here and follow her on Instagram here

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  • I so appreciated watching Sarah’s demo. I bought my magnums about a year ago and haven’t tried them as I thought I needed to sew the channels on the leaders before I used them. Now I learned that isn’t necessary and I’m excited to try them.

    Denise Macias

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