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Longarm Leaders with SewTites Magnums | Adam Sew Fun

Join Adam of Adam Sew Fun in this informative video as he demonstrates the straightforward process of installing SewTites Magnums on his longarm machine leaders. SewTites Magnums are magnetic sewing tools designed to securely hold your quilt onto your longarm machine, eliminating the need for pins or clips.

 In this step-by-step tutorial, Adam shows you how to make loading and unloading your quilt quick and easy!

Key Points Covered:

  • Introduction to SewTites Magnums
  • Step-by-step installation on longarm machine leaders
  • Practical benefits of using SewTites Magnums for quilting
  • Tips for optimal performance

For more sewing tips, tutorials, and product reviews, be sure to subscribe to Adam on YouTube here. 

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