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Straight Pins & Snips Holder Reviews: Learn Why Sewists Love This Tool

Have you tried the new Magnetic Pin Holder yet? 

We knew they'd be useful, but we've been totally delighted by the ways our customers have used and loved them! Since their launch, we've found that the Magnetic Pin Holder is strong enough to hold snips too!

I've gathered up some of the reviews here. You can find more photos and videos from our customers on Instagram with the hashtag #sewtites. Be sure to share yours there as well!



"This is an incredible idea. My pin cushion seems to always be on the other side of the room when I am unpinning. Two pin cushions didn't solve the problem either. One at the sewing machine, the other at the cutting table. The pins just ended up all on one and the other was empty. With this cool magnet I can easily manage the pins back and forth. It also helps with my hand sewing. I can place my needle on it and not lose it. Beside, it is really cute and I love the color!!!"




"I just didn't realize how much I needed my SewTites magnetic pin cushion. I was pinning some curtain hems this weekend and pulled out the SewTites to try it out and lo and behold, it was FANTASTIC! I usually do my pinning of things on my sofa and always always lose a couple pins in the cushions or on the floor. Nothing fell off the SewTites! My husband was amazed and so happy he doesn't have to dodge pins on the floor any more. Thank you!"




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