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The Sew Magnetic Cutting System for Pain-Free Cutting | Unboxing with SookieSews

In this video, Sookie of SookieSews unboxes the Sew Magnetic Cutting System and shares invaluable insights on what's included and the benefits to the home crafter. Discover how this system caters to those with wrist and hand pain, offering pain-friendly cutting solutions for a more comfortable sewing experience.


Unboxing the Sew Magnetic Cutting System is a delight as reveals the components, from the high quality storage box, to the cutting mat and the magnetic ruler. Get a firsthand look at how these elements come together to facilitate effortless and precise fabric cutting.

But what sets this system apart is its design for users with wrist and hand pain or issues. Sookie demonstrates how the Sew Magnetic Cutting System tackles fluffy, thick fabrics and stretchy materials with ease, providing stability and minimizing slippage for a smoother cutting process.

Discover how our new Cutting System can transform your sewing experience, especially if you struggle with wrist and hand pain. Enhance your cutting game and make sewing a more accessible and enjoyable craft with the Sew Magnetic Cutting System. Subscribe to SookieSews here for more product reviews and sewing tips. 

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