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Unboxing the Sew Magnetic Cutting System with Jaybird Quilts

Julie, the creative mind behind Jaybird Quilts, unboxed the Sew Magnetic Cutting System! She's dives into the details, from the handy carrying case to how the booster magnets can be used with Jaybird Quilts Fussy Cut Shapes for perfect fussy cutting. 


Boost Your Options with Booster Magnets:

Julie shows us how the booster magnets included in the system can be used seamlessly with Jaybird Quilts templates. If you love fussy cutting and creating intricate designs, you're going to appreciate how these magnets make your templates stay put, allowing you to cut with confidence.

A Perfect Pairing for Quilting Enthusiasts

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just embarking on your quilting journey, the Sew Magnetic Cutting System and Jaybird Quilts templates complement each other beautifully. They're all about making your quilting experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Julie's unboxing video is a fantastic introduction to the Sew Magnetic Cutting System and how it complements Jaybird Quilts' innovative templates. 

Don't forget to subscribe to Julie's channel for more quilting tips, tricks, and creative ideas and find her Fussy Cut Shapes here

You can grab your Sew Magnetic Cutting System here

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