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Which SewTites Model Should I Buy?

You've heard of SewTites and that they are useful for a variety of sewing uses, including English Paper Piecing, embroidery, bagmaking, garment making, longarm quilting, and more – but you're not sure which ones you should buy for how you sew.

So, we've put together the following guide to help you decide which model(s) are right for you and the way you sew.

Further description and explanations below the graphic! 

Which SewTites to Use for Hand Sewing

The SewTites Dots or SewTites Minis are great options. It’s a personal preference which one you’ll like best.

SewTites Dots Hand Applique

The SewTites Dots are just one magnet, but our strongest individual magnet, and were originally designed specifically for wool appliqué – they’ll hold several layers of wool together.

They also will “slip” around easily if you want the ability to move the magnet with your non-sewing hand while you stitch.




The SewTites Minis have two magnets, so they stay put a bit more while sewing, but they are longer than the Dots – 1.25" (32 mm) long versus .67" (17mm) in diameter – so the Dots work best for super small projects.

The Minis also work well for flatback stitching because you can "straddle" the two pieces together with the two magnets on the Minis (see photo to the left).




If you have severe arthritis or other hand mobility issues, consider any of our three "Lite Collection" models – the Diamond, Lite Bar, or Star Lite.

The Diamond features Libs Elliott's iconic design and is a small, single-magnet option for easy shifting and working on the smallest pieces. 

The Lite Bar is exactly the same size and shape as our Mini, but with lower strength magnets. 

The Star Lite is about the same dimensions as the Lite Bar, just in a fun shooting star shape (which some people feel is easier to grip) in an icy blue-grey color. 

Want to try them all? Get the Lite Mix, in either a 3-pack or a 15-pack for the best price. 

Our Tula Pink heart and Libs Elliott Watcher models are also great hand sewing models, with the strength of the Mini, in unique and fun shapes. 

If you're someone who sews on the go, try our Sticklers, which are silicone stickers that make your SewTites non-slip, so they won't slip off into the couch, the car, or the field.





Which SewTites to Use for Bagmaking

SewTites for Bagmaking

The SewTites Original or SewTites HD model are good options for bagmakers.

The original works well for holding one layer of stabilizer and one layer of leather or other thick material together.

If you’re using Annie’s Soft ‘n Stable, then go with the HDs – they securely hold together more than one layer of her thick stabilizer because of the stronger magnets in this model.


Which SewTites to Use for Embroidery

The SewTites Minis or SewTites HDs are good options.

Both have stronger magnets in them than the Originals and the Minis are a smaller size, so they work great for smaller hoops.

If you embroider super thick towels or multiple layers of thicker materials together, go with the HDs, since they’re our biggest and strongest model.

If you embroider materials that aren’t as thick, go with the Minis – they won’t stick to your metal throat plate. (People love the Originals for embroidery too, the Minis are just slightly narrower and work better in smaller hoops.)

Which SewTites to Use for Garment Making

The SewTites Original or SewTites HD are good options for you as well.

If you sew lots of thick materials together, go with the HDs.

If you stick to just a couple, do the Originals, because you don’t want the residual magnetic force to stick to your metal throat plate and make the magnet come off while you're in the middle of sewing.

SewTites also work great for cutting out paper patterns you repeatedly use and don't want to put pin holes in!

Which SewTites to Use for Longarm Quilting

The Magnum was specifically designed with longarm quilters in mind.

The Magnum is 4" long with 5 magnets on the back.

They work well for loading quilts onto longarm machines without the use of straight pins (goodbye pricked fingers!).

These little ditties also work well for holding beads in while sewing weighted blankets.


Which SewTites to Use if You Sew All the Things

If you do all the things, we recommend one of our SewTites Mixer packs.

Our SewTites Machine Mix packs contain a combination of models for embroidery in the hoop, bagmaking, garment making, and more – our OriginalsHDs, and Magnums.

Our SewTites Hand Mix packs contain a combination of models for hand sewing, including EPP, wool applique, embroidery, and more – our Dots (in a new salmon color!), Minis, and Lite Bars.

Both Mixers come in a 3-pack, which is a good sampler to start out with, or get the 15-pack if you already know how much these little biddies will come in handy with all the things and want the best price. 

Still Not Sure Which Model to Buy?

If you still aren’t sure which model is right for you, just shoot us an email with what kind of sewing you do most (or all of the sewing you do) and which model(s) you’re debating between and we’ll be glad to help!

Otherwise, get the model(s) you want now.


  • Thanks for coming up with a great idea. The Magnet cutting board and ruler. I want to order it now… Thanks again Anne

    Elizabeth "Anne" Angelillo
  • Hi Linda! Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider that for future product releases!

  • I just watched a video loading a quilt backing with your magnets. The metal parts were placed into the sewn channel of the leader. Has anyone every though of a much longer metal part that could slip into the channel and then no matter where you place your magnets, they would catch hold??

  • Very nice website! Too many things to choose………….but I will order!!

    Janice Darling-Zech

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